Take a Look at AQ’s New Winter Décor and Menu
These birches came from a Northern California ranch.

As we discussed earlier, new SoMa restaurant AQ is taking seasonality to heart, and changing up not only the menu but the servers’ outfits, the glassware, and parts of the décor with each solstice and equinox.

See the winter menu here, which is fairly similar to the autumn menu (the restaurant opened with only a few weeks left of fall) with a few additions, like a dish of beetroot and quince with farmer’s cheeses; and a monkfish roasted in hops served with fennel sausage, butter turnips, and peppers. And click below to see our slideshow of the new decorative elements, which include birch branches, new light fixtures, white tablecloths in the dining room, and a new white marble bar top.

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Take a Look at AQ’s New Winter Décor and Menu