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Will Tacos Lupita Rise Again?

We love Tacos Lupita. Loved it, anyway. The Somerville taqueria shut down awhile back and reopened as a place called Aguacate Verde. Since then, things just haven’t been the same. Sure, there are other Lupita locations in Lawrence, Lynn, and Haverhill … but it’s not often that we find ourselves in any of those places.

Today BRT brings us the happy news via Good Morning Gloucester that another TL location is in the offing. This one’s in Gloucester, which isn’t exactly urban, but it’s also more accessible than the other three branches. It’s also close to the water, which is nice. As one delighted Gloucesterian puts it: “The best Latin American food around without the (bullet-dodging) drive to Lynn? Just steps from Downtown? Say it IS so…!!!”

Apparently the building at 63 Washington Street has an unsavory parking situation and a high turnover rate. But if anyone can make it there, it’s Tacos Lupita. And maybe they’ll come back home to Somerville, too.

Tacos Lupita to Open in Gloucester [Good Morning Gloucester via BRT]

Will Tacos Lupita Rise Again?