Check Out State Bird Provisions, Debuting New Year’s Eve
Brioza delivering some of signature fried quail. It’s the state bird, don’t you know.

Haven’t you always wanted to go to a restaurant where, like a sushi-boat place or a dim-sum parlor, the food just came twirling around the room and you could grab whatever looked good? You may not have even known you wanted it, but former Rubicon chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski came up with the concept for State Bird Provisions (1529 Fillmore) after spending a couple of years on the private catering tip. As Brioza told Grub Street, “We got sort of known for these hors d’oeuvre parties and we realized that it just made people happy, seeing all these little dishes go around the room.”

The restaurant opens tomorrow, just before the ball drops, at 6 p.m. Yesterday we showed you the menu of all those little dishes, and today we bring you a slideshow of the spare interior with exposed concrete walls, as well as a few of Brioza’s dishes from a test meal this week. You can see it all for yourself if you managed to snag a reservation for opening tomorrow night, or if you’re heading in next week. (Reserve at Urban Spoon.)

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State Bird Provisions - 1529 Fillmore between Geary and O’Farrell - 415.795.1272 - Open daily, 6 p.m. to midnight, as of December 31.

Check Out State Bird Provisions, Debuting New Year’s Eve