Sharlena Fong Opens Semi-Sweet Bakery in Downtown

Semi Sweet Bakery
Semi Sweet Bakery

Pastry chef Sharlena Fong left Downtown’s Nickel Diner back in 2010, but she hasn’t left Downtown. Brigham Yen reports that Fong, along with partners Dennis Hunter and Nickel/Ammo vet James Gonzalez, just opened Semi Sweet Bakery across from the neighborhood’s new Artisan House in the Santa Fe Lofts. A veteran of Per Se and New York’s Bouchon Bakery, Fong’s deep talents are proven (just ask everyone who jocks Nickel’s maple bacon donuts). At Semi Sweet, she is making a selection of pastries, with treats like 7-Up pound cake, PB&J; pockets, Girl Scout-inspired Samoa macarons, savory danishes, and maple bacon sticky buns already leaping out. Gonzalez will assist on the savory side, with the promise of sustainable meats and organic produce, as well as a retail store, planned in the weeks to come. The shop will also do custom cakes, with a nice selection viewable on Facebook, while we have an early menu down below for your appreciation.

Semi Sweet Bakery, 105 E 6th St. Downtown. 213-228-9975.

Semi Sweet Bakery Now Open at Santa Fe Lofts in Downtown LA [Brigham Yen]

Semi Sweet Bakery

Our Menu

Cheese Danish $1.75
Spinach Danish $2.75
Prosciutto Goat Cheese Danish $2.75
Orange Cherry Scones $1.25
Lemon Currant Scones $1.25
Maple Bacon Sticky Buns
Made with 100% Maple Syrup $2.75

Apple Coffee Cake $2.25
7UP Pound Cake $2.00
Chocolate Banana Pound Cake $2.00
Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake, Made with fresh pumpkin $2.25

Strawberry Pocket tarts $1.75
Apple Cinnamon Pocket tarts $1.75
PB & J Pocket tarts $1.75

Red Velvet Ding-a-Lings $2.50
Traditional Ding-a-Lings $2.25
PB Crunch Ding-a-Lings $2.50
Hazelnut Crunch Ding-a-ling $2.75

Triple Chip Cookies
Chocolate Butterscotch and Potato chips $1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies $1.50
Brownies $2.00

Drip Coffee $1.50
Drip Coffee - bring your own mug $1.25
Martinelli’s Apple Juice $1.50

Sharlena Fong Opens Semi-Sweet Bakery in Downtown