Radiation Found in Japanese Baby Food; Pinot Payola Scandal Hits Wine Advocate Writer

• Uh-oh: Traces of radiation were found in Japanese baby food; children are more susceptible than adults to small amounts of radiation exposure. [USAT]

• What does Hanukkah look like in Mexico? New York chef Julian Medina and sweets-maker Fany Gerson take a look. [Forward]

• Jay Miller, a wine reviewer for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, resigned amid allegations that he sought payment in turn for appearances. Another Pinot payola scandal. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Orange peels, of all things, have been shown to decrease the e.Coli-causing bacteria in cows. [HuffPo]

• Beverly Hills’ Coupa Coffee serves Venezuelan dishes and coffee from Caracas, much in the model of the parents’ cafe of the same name in Venezulea. [NBC]

• Patti Peck, the former owner of Edendale Grill and Millie’s, is taking over the sadly shuttered Village Coffee Shop space to turn it into Beachwood Cafe. [Squid Ink]

• In response to recent reports that hospital food is unhealthy and tastes terrible, Children’s Hospital of Orange County is revamping its menu. [RSMP]

• Farmers who paid extra for pest-resistant biotech corn are out of luck in some cases; it seems certain rootworms have grown resistant to the corn’s defenses. Oh, and ag industry, Europe called: they wanted us to tell you “We told you so.” [Salt/NPR]

• Like some other retailers before it, Dollar General has pledged to target “food deserts.” Okay, but does “food” mean stocking something more than chips and boxed macaroni and cheese? [Tennessean]

• Don’t say beer never helped anyone. One dude survived for three days on Coors Light while stranded in a snowdrift in Alaska. [NYDN]

Radiation Found in Japanese Baby Food; Pinot Payola Scandal Hits Wine