Brian Poe Wants to Give You Heartburn With His New Late-Nite Menu

Burn baby burn!
Burn baby burn!

The Back Bay’s very own sultan of spice, Brian Poe, will roll out a new late-night menu at Poe’s at the Rattlesnake beginning this week. He will also introduce a new “midnight special” each evening. The super-spicy dish, which changes daily, is designed to make you sob like a baby for Rolaids at 3 a.m. “keep you on your toes,” per a release. Full late-night menu ahead.

Burn baby burn!

Chips & Dip ($8)
Deep fried prosciutto, turkey and chicken skins, candied pork belly, homemade chive garlic and onion seasoned Yukon gold chips, 5 Spoke Creamery Chive Fondue

Chipotle Wings ($9)
Smoked jalapeno rubbed, poblano and blue cheese sauce

Grilled Bacon, Steak & Cheese Bites ($10)
Bacon wrapped Newport steak, white cheddar, homemade jalapeno A1

Albondigas ($8)
Three signature meatballs in chipotle broth

Grilled Pizza ($13)
Artichoke and lime alfredo, mozzarella, pepperoni, seasonal mushrooms, chervil

Harvey WineBurger ($11)
Flat patty steamed on the grilled with red wine, caramelized chile spike onions, Texas toast, American cheese, chive and jalapeno mayo

Breakfast Quesadilla ($8)
Cilantro butter fried egg, ham, Velveeta, Swiss and American cheese, hash browns, salsa, sour cream, HellGrande sauce

Sobriety Fries ($6)
Cilantro curried crushed red pepper fries, sriracha, ketchup, fresh squeezed lime

Poe Nachos ($12.75)
Salsa, signature cheese blend, refried beans, lettuce
(available plain, chicken or steak)

It’s available Sunday through Wednesday starting at 10 p.m. and Thursday through Saturday starting at 11:30.

Brian Poe Wants to Give You Heartburn With His New Late-Nite Menu