Mission Bowling Club, With Mission Street Food-Style Menu, On Deck for Spring

This week brings updates on the Mission Bowling Club (3176 17th Street) story, where Mini Bar barmaids Sommer Peterson and Molly Bradshaw are teaming up with Commonwealth/Mission Street Food’s Anthony Myint to bring what will surely be the hippest and hottest opening in the Mission of early 2012. They’ve just launched a crowd-funding campaign via Indie Go Go, where they’re trying to raise $12,000 in order to transform the rough concrete frontage of their warehouse space by adding “parking for 10 to 20 bikes, a vertical garden, a perimeter gate and patio enclosure, and comfortable outdoor patio furniture.”

Myint tells SFoodie, “The food can be loosely described as technique-driven comfort food, and will resemble the kind of food served at Mission Street Food in spirit if not actual items.” He cites the much loved, Heston Blumenthal-inspired Mission Burger (formerly available on a pop-up basis at Duc Loi market) as an example.

Last month we heard that the Board of Supervisors was fully in support of making a zoning variance and extending liquor licenses to both Mission Bowling and the Roxie Cinema. Now it appears that is going forward as well.

SFoodie says they’re aiming for a February opening for the six-lane bowling alley-cum-lounge/restaurant, but the Indie Go Go page says, more conservatively, “spring,” so we’ll go with that. Hipsters are already polishing the bowling shoes they already own, we’re certain of that.

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Mission Bowling Club, With Mission Street Food-Style Menu, On Deck for Spring