What You Missed at Meadowood’s Twelfth Day of Christmas, 2011 Edition
Chef Kostow at work.

Just like we did last year, we thought we’d give you a little holiday food porn to help you through the day via a slideshow of dishes from the last of Meadowood’s Twelve Days of Christmas dinners. Executive chef Christopher Kostow retook the helm in his kitchen Saturday after handing it over to guest chefs for two weeks, and now we bring you the photographic evidence. Keep in mind, Chef Kostow and his his team will be going on vacation next month, and the restaurant will undergo an overhaul, reopening March 12.

See photos of all the other eleven days on Meadowood’s Facebook page.

Photos by Creel Films, via Facebook.

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A 13-Course Meal at Meadowood, Illustrated

First out, with champagne, came one of the restaurant’s signatures: these delicate herbed goat cheese pillows.
The opening seafood course involved “ocean ice,” for which the team whipped out the liquid nitrogen.
Shellfish in Ocean Ice, Oscetra Caviar, Cress. The dish was paired with Krug, “Grand Cuvée,” Champagne.
Chef Kostow greets Margrit Mondavi.
Smoked Crosne, Gruyère, Puffed Rye.
Jerusalem Artichoke, Matsutake, Roasted Poultry Broth. This was paired with a wine from the sponsoring winery of the evening, Harlan Estates, their 2005 Maiden.
Dried and Salted Plum, Seed Granola, Sorrel Stems
Lingonberries, Cauliflower Gnudi, Chrysanthemum. This was paired with a 1999 Harlan Estates Cab.
Black Trumpet, Salsify Pudding, Leaves from the Garden
Tell the team that you’re allergic to nuts or chocolate, and you might end up with something like this, prepared for one guest who couldn’t eat pecans.
Burnt Orange, Maple, Pecan
The last course was served with egg nog.
What You Missed at Meadowood’s Twelfth Day of Christmas, 2011 Edition