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The Real Housewives of Revere By Way of Strega; Praise for Sweet Cheeks

MC Slim JB’s deliciously wicked Devil’s Dining Awards have arrived. Our favorite category? “Mariah Carey in ‘Glitter’ Award for Most Hilarious Vanity Project,” which features our favorite line of the piece: “Along for the ride is gushing sidekick Christina DelGallo, a crossed-eyed, cantilevered, Real Housewives of Revere styled blond with a smoker’s rasp and a thick Chicago accent.” Yeow! (The coveted nod went to “reality” show The Strega Life With Nick Varano.) [MC Slim JB]

• The Herald’s Kerry Byrne really loves Tiffani Faison’s Sweet Cheeks: “The brisket might be the best I’ve ever had: It’s amazingly tender and intoxicatingly smoky, rubbed with a simple (and deliciously crispy) mix of salt and pepper. The country biscuits are decadent (tons of butter, Faison admits). The cocktails are creative (try the bourbon-laced Damn Yankee) and the beer selection is extensive.” [Herald]

• On a less sinister note, MC Slim applauds the “daft assemblage of rotisserie meat platters,” burgers, and hot ‘n cold plates at Kendall Square’s Firebrand Saints. Of particular note is the spit-roasted lemon-sage chicken, “half of a big bird redolent of fresh herbs, boasting crisped skin and the rotisserie miracle of equally moist breast and leg meat.” [Stuff]

• Robert Nadeau of the Phoenix also has good things to say about Sweet Cheeks, especially the sides. In a four-star review, he hails “amazing” collard greens and “epochal” hush puppies. [Phoenix]

• Harvard Square’s Zinneken’s is “warm and welcoming.” Enjoy 10 varieties of “decadent” Liège-style Belgian waffles and coffee brewed European-style. [Phoenix]

• The Improper has high hopes for the Financial District’s Julep, in the old Revolution Rock Bar space. Blue Inc’s “mad scientist” Trish LaCount whips up unusual cocktails in a comfortable room festooned with “tufted ostrich-embossed banquettes” and “expansive windows.” [Improper]

The Real Housewives of Revere By Way of Strega; Praise for Sweet Cheeks