Martha Stewart’s Dirty Sausage Jokes; Hunger Games Cookbook Highlights Squirrel

• Children have known this for ages, but everyone else is just figuring out that breakfast cereals are basically dessert. [Salt/NPR]

• Martha Stewart got dirty on her show, comparing sausage casings to condoms. Don’t be so shocked, people, the woman spent months in prison. [HuffPo]

• As if that Angry Birds cookbook weren’t bad enough, The Hunger Games series has a cookbook, featuring the type of bizarro fare its characters eat (out of necessity): seaweed bread, fire-roasted rabbit. Fine, but if anyone puts out a recipe for mouse or dog, we’re calling uncle. [WSJ]

• As the city prepares to release its call for operators (wait, they haven’t gotten around to that yet?), vocal Tavern on the Green neighbors say they want the new place to be affordable and to nix the fancy private events. [Crain’s]

• Annoying types to dine with: the “order for the table” guy, the check nitpicker, the food snob, etc. Oh, and don’t forget people who get all their food knowledge from listicles. [Zagat via HuffPo]

• Thanksgiving time this year set records for online pizza ordering. Where were you when? [NRN]

• World food prices have been falling for the past five months and are likely to bottom out, so better stock up now. [Bloomberg]

Martha Stewart’s Dirty Sausage Jokes; Hunger Games Cookbook