Martha Stewart Works Blue; Villains Tavern Gets Punchy

• Martha Stewart got dirty on her show, comparing sausage casings to condoms. Don’t be so shocked, the woman spent months in the clink. [HuffPo]

• Downtown’s Villains Tavern is offering a selection of seven punches every Friday and Saturday night, priced at $11 per pint o’ punch, and $7 after midnight. [LADTN]

• World food prices have been falling for the past five months and are likely to bottom out, so better stock up now. [Bloomberg]

• Annoying types to dine with: the “order for the table” guy, the check nitpicker, the food snob, etc. Oh, and don’t forget people who get all their food knowledge from listicles. [Zagat via HuffPo]

Providence chef Michael Cimarusti gave the commencement address at a graduation ceremony for the Culinary Institute of America in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. last week. [LAT]

• Noelle Carter gets to know a few pressure cookers and decides they just might be for her after all. [LAT]

• Children have known this for ages, but everyone else is just figuring out that breakfast cereals are basically dessert. [Salt/NPR]

• Learn how an Indio high school principal and her family turn into a small tamale business every year for the holidays. [Fox News]

• Thanksgiving-time this year set records for online pizza ordering. [NRN]

• As if that Angry Birds cookbook weren’t bad enough, The Hunger Games series has a cookbook, featuring the type of bizarro fare its characters eat (out of necessity): seaweed bread, fire-roasted rabbit. Fine, but if anyone puts out a recipe for mouse or dog, we’re calling uncle. [WSJ]

Martha Stewart Works Blue; Villains Tavern Gets Punchy