Lydia Shire Encourages Holiday Cooks to be ‘Daring’

Easier said than done, Lydia! Not all of us are chefs! Nonetheless, Shire wants readers of her Herald blog to try something new this holiday season. Leave the Jell-O mold and shrimp dip behind and branch out!

She reveals: “Instead of preparing 45 different things (like beef and goose) like in prior years, I have decided to have an Asian-themed feast which will still be a deluxe, over-the-top dinner—but much more manageable for me. Though it can be a bit pricey, I am opting for slow-roasted, skin-on Berkshire pork with crackling. The red wattle pigs are the tenderest, so the taste is out of this world.”

Oh, and later? “We’ll also indulge in a pound of decadent German Ostera caviar and one of my favorite recipes from Scampo’s menu: rum-and-olive oil smoked salmon with Boston brown bread.”

Hey Lydia, can we get an invite? We’ll even bring the eels!

Christmastime by Lydia Shire [Herald]

Lydia Shire Encourages Holiday Cooks to be ‘Daring’