Little Bear Serves Waterzooi and Belgian Ales Downtown Next Week

The red door of Little Bear
The red door of Little Bear

Just when you thought you’d take a break from frites and beer for the New Year, Little Bear, the Belgian-inspired pub from chef Andre Guerrero and Surly Goat’s Ryan Sweeney, will debut in the Arts District next Friday, January 6. Taking over the former Royal Clayton’s spot directly across from Church & State–we see a moules frites-off in the near future–the space has been lightened and brightened but is still huge and high-ceilinged, the kind of place you’ll want to toss back a few Belgian ales and a Liège waffle or two. Guerrero tells us the beer list will “blow people’s minds,” all curated by Sweeney who has a knack for pulling strings to get the hardest-to-find kegs and bottles, heavy on the Belgians and domestics made in the same style. The menu is a mix of Belgian specialties and American pub food, from pork belly gougeres sliders to waterzooi. But that’s just a taste. Take a peek at the full menu, next.

The red door of Little Bear


Tomato Soup, grill cheese 7

Mushrooms and savory cake, crimini, oyster, porcini mushrooms, cream, truffle oil, Reggiano 8

Moules Frites, mussels, shallot, wine broth, cream, tarragon, Belgian Fries, aioli 12

Krokets, roasted butternut squash, parmesan cheese, balsamic emulsion 6

House Smoked Salmon, grilled toast, onion, caper, lemon 12

Belgian fries, garlic aioli 5

Gougere, pork belly, mustard sauce, pickled red onions, mesclun 10

Gougere, confit duck, dry cherry chutney, gruyere cheese, frisee 10

Gougere, fried oysters, crispy bacon, tartar sauce & arugula 10


Bibb lettuce, chopped egg, avocado, crisp bacon, lemon vinaigrette 9

Endive Salad, Roquefort cheese, arugula, roasted shallots, farmer apples, roasted walnuts, sherry vinaigrette 9

Liege Salad, haricots verts, fingerling potatoes, frisee breakfast radish, parsley, pancetta, red wine vinegar 9

Organic Mixed Greens, cherry tomatoes, red wine vinaigrette 6


Grilled Cheese bacon, gruyere, onion marmalade 10

Grilled Cheese brisket, ale braised brisket, smoked maasdam cheese, arugula, crispy onions 12

Grilled Cheese smoked salmon, cream cheese, caper and shallot relish 12

Grilled Cheese stilton, apples, stilton cheese, port wine marmalade, walnuts 10

Burger, grass feed beef, mushrooms, truffle aioli, Roquefort cheese, crispy onions, arugula, cherry gastrique 15

Farro Burger: mushrooms, peppers and onions, roasted red peppers, red beans, roasted carrots. Served with bibb lettuce, roasted pepper tofu aioli and avocado 12


Smoked wild boar sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, black kale, pearl onions, mustard sauce 16

Carbonnade de Flamande, ale braised shortrib, turnip mash, sautéed spinach 16

Waterzooi, chicken stew with light cream, mushroom quenelles 16

Potato Ravioli, braised endive, mushroom, leeks, brown butter, mint 14

Roast Chicken, boneless half chicken, braised Brussels, fingerling potatoes, salsa verde 16

Duck Confit, dry cherry chutney, kale, farro risotto, kriek jus 19

Hanger Steak, hanger steak, sauce espagnole, green beans, baby carrots and pearl onions, 19

Cassoulet, white beans, pork belly, confit duck, spicy sausage, smoked slab bacon, duck breast served with grilled bread 18

Grilled smoked salmon root vegetable brunoise, beluga lentils, lemon and onion soubise 20

Little Bear, 1855 S. Industrial St., Downtown, 213-622-8100

Little Bear Serves Waterzooi and Belgian Ales Downtown Next Week