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L.A. Creamery Pops Bottles of Dom into Its New Year’s Eve Sorbet

Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon

Following the shutter of its last retail store in Glendale, L.A. Creamery has gone into high gear on the supply side and its ice cream sandwiches are now featured at Umami Burger, in addition to yesterday’s news that its gelato would grace Adam Fleischman’s new 800 Degrees. For New Years Eve, the company is offering a high-priced, Dom Perignon-infused sorbet priced at $50 a pint and $400 a gallon, meant to be served at one-percenter parties throughout the city, with free delivery included.

Dom Perignon

L.A. Creamery put this luxury item out last year, but tells us this time it is upgrading the opulence by using 1990 vintage Dom, which has an average cost of $300 a bottle. The company claims the sorbet sold out in a week last go around and is making an even smaller batch this year, taking credit card orders at 818-701-7090 ext. 201 for holds on the limited supply.

Only question remains. Will this decadent dessert get paired up in a power couple with Umami’s $100 foie and truffle burger anytime soon?

Check out L.A. Creamery’s current wholesale roster of seasonal flavors, below:

Flavors as of 12/1/2011

Pumpkin (seasonal)
Peppermint (seasonal)
Eggnog (seasonal)
Salted Caramel (#1 seller)
Roasted Banana
Fresh Mint Chip
Madagascar Vanilla Bean
Milk Chocolate Crunch with Valhrona Chocolate Pearls
70% Chocolate with Valhrona Chocolate
Cookies & Cream with organic cookies
Pistachio with Wonderful California Pistachios
Salted Chocolate
French Toast Crunch
Chai Tea
Apple Pie (a real apple pie is baked and folded into our vanilla bean ice cream)
Saffron Vanilla
Maple Bacon with Niman Ranch Bacon
Tennessee Whiskey made with Jack Daniel’s
Chocolate Ganache with Valhrona Chocolate
Boozy Breakfast (Kahlua and Grape Nuts)
Chocolate Hazelnut with Valhrona Chocolate

L.A. Creamery Pops Bottles of Dom into Its New Year’s Eve Sorbet