Catching Up With Katie Lee

She said her book did well!
She said her book did well!

She’s the type of famous-enough “name” that’s either nauseatingly everywhere or intriguingly nowhere. And since Katie Lee has been on the side of quiet (congrats!), we sort of missed her and thought we’d check in with her over at the Charity Water Gala, where she told us about her clam-shack dreams and Ryan Gosling fantasy.

She said her book did well!

Are you involved in any restaurant projects out east?
Sometimes I have a little fantasy of having a clam shack out there, but I don’t know that it would ever happen.

Any food resolutions for next year?
I’m going to continue try to eat less meat and dairy. You know, I look at meat and dairy kind of as a treat, and not to have it every day, so I’m going to continue with that.

You wrote a novel. How is that going?
Great. It’s going to paperback in May, so I’m actually working on the edit of that right now.

So you’re happy with the way it was received?
Very happy, yeah. I got great reviews, I was really pleased.

Any talk about turning it into a movie?
We’ve had a little bit of talk about it, so maybe that’ll happen; that would be amazing.

Who would you cast if you could?
Ideally? Well, I guess I would have to say to play the hot, hunky surfer, Ryan Gosling would be pretty ideal. [Laughs.] But only if I got to supervise on set.

Catching Up With Katie Lee