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Justin Bieber Pulled Over En Route to Spago; Charlie Sheen Ceases Winning-Streak at Giorgio Baldi

Guess who's back?
Guess who’s back?

It’s not all money piles and Selena Gomez sweat for Justin Bieber these days, folks. Occasionally, the young man encounters serious adversity. On Wednesday, the kiddie pop icon was on his way to Spago in a Batman-themed Cadillac CTS-V, having just spent the day with Drake and Stevie Wonder. Suddenly, the LAPD pulled him over and gave the star an earful of crap about how he’s not supposed to make a left turn while cars are still hurtling across the intersection in his direction. Fortunately for him, he was released with a warning (yes, you definitely would have been subdued with flashbang grenades and sonic tasers) and allowed to move on to smoked salmon pizza at Puck’s place. But don’t rest easy, Biebs, the easy road is long and winning can quickly turn to losing, as The British press was quick to point out when Charlie Sheen flashed his golden grill at Giorgio Baldi that same day. Where else were celebs eating and drinking in L.A. this week? Take a look!

Guess who’s back?

Dan Tana’s: Rose McGowan posed with a young fop. [I Perfect Zone]

Giorgio Baldi: The British press noticed Charlie Sheen’s cracky pallor as he left the Italian restaurant to return to his Goddesses. [Daily Mail]

Gjelina Take Away: Basically, if you ever wanted to meet Tim Robbins, just come for breakfast. [GS]

Il Covo: Shannon “Lamas” Lawson waited for a table at the bar with a young, (and we mean YOUNG) beau last Saturday. [GS]

Joan’s on Third: Stain those the blond locks and Christina Aguilera is suddenly Snooki. At least her boyfriend looks enthralled by every thought in this photo. [The Superficial]

King’s Road Cafe: When did The Jonas Brothers start resembling thugs from Southie? Anyway guys, can’t you carpool? [People]

La Scala: That Scott Disdick Disick dude who keeps on knocking Kardashian boots was at the restaurant, looking like Christian Bale in American Psycho with his son in his arms. [Celebuzz]

M Café: Still famous for some reason, Kristin Cavallari had a mac-attack at the restaurant on Wednesday. [GS]

Magnolia: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chased a screening of her new film with dinner. [People]

Spago: Justin Bieber was given a traffic ticket on his way to Spago. But what does he think of the redesign plans? [Zimbio]

Justin Bieber Pulled Over En Route to Spago; Charlie Sheen Ceases Winning-Streak