Ice Cream Scoops Being Recalled; Groupon Eyes Thailand

• Who knew ice cream scoops could be dangerous? Pampered Chef ice cream scoops are being recalled after a line of liquid-filled scoops have started attacking customers, with the cap and seal flying off when exposed to warm water leaving “cuts, bruises, and redness.” [Sun-Times]

• Despite continued allegations that Groupon is cash poor (or perhaps because of it), it seems as though the deal giant has set its sights on Thailand for 2012. Isn’t the conversion rate already a deal in itself? [NBC Chicago]

• Research indicates that feeding babies starchy processed foods early on influences a later taste for salt — and probably fosters more than a few budding chefs. [US News & World Report]

• Exercise labels seem a pretty effective way of keeping people away from junk food. Would you still want a can of soda if you knew you had to jog for 50 minutes to burn it off? [NYDN]

• Casual dining restaurants like the Olive Garden and Applebee’s are increasingly courting a foodie clientele with special menu items. [WSJ]

• Thanks to greater demand, more and more farmers markets are selling year-round. Hope you like root vegetables! [USAT]

• Aw, this is sweet: Slate readers sent in holiday recipe cards from their grandmas; here’s a slideshow. [Slate]

• Kim Jong Il’s death came just as the U.S. was preparing to resume food aid to North Korea; now starving people there may not see assistance until the New Year. [National Security/ABC News]

Ice Cream Scoops Being Recalled; Groupon Eyes Thailand