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Farmers’ Cabinet Dinner Focuses on Italian Craft Beer

Farmers' Cabinet
Farmers’ Cabinet

In the realms of beer dorkery, Italy’s nascent craft beer movement could be one of the most exciting things to come to a head since the start of the beer revolution. And tomorrow night Farmers’ Cabinet in conjunction with Matthias Neidhart, owner of B. United International, the specialty beer importer whose been putting Italy’s craft beer movement on the map, is diving head first into this exotic niche with a beer pairing dinner that will highlight some of the Boot’s best exports. “It’s really solid stuff,” Famers’ Cabinet co-owner Matt Scheller told Grub Street. “They’re doing a lot of creative and unique beers and pulling different brewing techniques from other countries and putting their own twist on.”

Farmers’ Cabinet

It’s hard to pinpoint where exactly Italian craft beers zag where American craft beers zig, but one distinguishing characteristic is a reliance on local ingredients, like chestnuts and Barbera grapes. And while many American beers tend to be overgrown mutations of classic beer styles (double IPA or Imperial stouts, anyone), the Italian beers are much more subtle and are engineered to compliment food.

The $90 dinner includes six regional Italian dishes from Farmers’ Cabinet’s Chef de Cuisine, Steve Forte that will be served alongside of nine beers. The dinner starts at 7 p.m., and reservations are necessary. Check the menu and pairings below.

Piccolo Morso
Quince & Honey
“Del Borgo L’equibrista”

Fettucine, Brodo, Thyme, EVO
“Montegioco Quarta Runa”

Aquerello Risotto, Marrow, Lemon, Pine
“Del Borgo Re Ale” (FIRKIN: not the “extra” - first time in states!)

“Ndocca” ndocca, Boiled Pork, Pink Peppercorn, Grapefruit, Honey
“Almond 22 Pink IPA

House Cotechino, Chestnut Polenta, Egg, Snout
“Grado Plato Strada San Felice” (DRAFT)

Veal, Tuna Tonnato, Almond, Prosciutto
“Loverbeer Madamin” (DRAFT)

“Malthus Baluba ZYMATORE (DRAFT)

Verdi Zabaglione, Anise Semonlina Cake, Chestnut-Honey Caramel, Chili Flake
“Del Ducato Verdi Imperial Stout” (DRAFT)

After Dinner

Farmers’ Cabinet Dinner Focuses on Italian Craft Beer