Neighborhood Watch

Of Veggie Temples and China Kings

We’re shoving off a bit early for the holidays! Have a lovely weekend, don’t drink too much eggnog, and we’ll see you back here next week. We leave you with a bit of neighborhood news. Eat heartily and at length, and enjoy!

Back Bay: The Otherside Cafe won’t close after all. Hurrah! [Earlier, BRT]

Chinatown: It’s the end of the rainbow for Rainbow Cafe; a new spot called China King is moving in. [BRT]

Downtown: Clio will close for renovations in mid-January; in the meantime, enjoy their greatest hits menu. [Earlier]

Roslindale: The owners of Napper Tandy’s pub plan to open a locals-friendly pub in the ‘hood. [BRT, Earlier]

Providence: Cheeseboy’s come to town. The Boston-based chainlet opened earlier this week. [Globe]

Magoun Square: Dosa Temple, specializing in veggie delicacies, has opened. [Earlier]

Of Veggie Temples and China Kings