Despite ROC Findings, Kenney and Other City Council Members Dine at Capital Grill

ROC protesters in New York.
ROC protesters in New York.

As Grub has mentioned before, not everyone was thrilled when City Council passed the gratuity protection bill earlier this month. Restaurateurs charged that lawmakers didn’t understand the bill and did not get a completely accurate assessment of how and how much of credit card transaction fees were passed on to servers. And they just might be on to something. As you may recall, Councilman at Large, James Kenney and his office’s staff worked with the local chapter of the Restaurant Opportunities Center to develop the bill. Shortly after its passing, the national organization released its National Diners’ Guide a report intended to inform restaurant diners on the working conditions at some this country’s highest grossing chains. According to the report, one of the worst offenders is Capital Grill. And yesterday, Kenney, along with 13 other City Council members joined incoming Council president Darrell Clarke for a lunchtime meeting* at Capital Grill’s local outpost. Were guessing that Kenney and others either chose to ignore ROC’s report, or more likely didn’t bother reading it. [Daily News]

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*This post has been corrected to show that Councilman Kenney did not pick the location and did not eat lunch. He only attended the meeting.

Despite ROC Findings, Kenney and Other City Council Members Dine at Capital