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Bareburger Rising

Bareburger in the <a href=East Village." width="400" height="400" style="width:100%;height:auto;" fetchPriority="high" >
Bareburger in the East Village.

Burger-chain battles are nothing new — even in Germany, a new McDonald’s ad is going right after Burger King’s terrible French fries — and one New York player is about to enter the fray: Bareburger, which is opening a new Chelsea location tonight at 153 Eighth Avenue, has plans to at least take over the five boroughs, if not the world.

Bareburger in the East Village.

For now, NYC-based Bareburger is a small fry (albeit a tenacious one), with only eight open or announced locations. Compare that to, say, Smashburger’s 143 stores and nearly 500 total franchise agreements “already on the books.”

But Grub Street has learned that the born-in-Astoria Bareburger plans three more locations in the next few months: one in the East Village at 5th Street and Second Avenue, another on the Upper East Side at 1370 First Avenue, and one more that just applied for an on premise beer and wine license at 71-49 Austin Street in Forest Hills, just opposite the train station.*

Plus, we know that today’s Grub Street Diet subject, musician Ingrid Michaelson, found the bison sliders at Bareburger to be an instant hit.

They’ve got a ways to go before they’re competing with the Five Guys of the world (not to mention the Shake Shacks), but it looks like Bareburger’s going to at least make a go of it.

*This post has been corrected to show that one of Bareburger’s new locations won’t be on the Lower East Side. (At least not yet anyway.)

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Bareburger Rising