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Our Year In Seven Stellar Meals
An excellent rock cod, with cocktail, at Outerlands.

As we say goodbye to 2011, many food folks in town have been quick to say that 2011 was nothing compared to the heady days of 2010, when a new and excellent restaurant seemed to be opening every week and a crop of ambitious young chefs all, suddenly, came into their own. But this was a year of quieter discoveries and evolutions, a year in which last year’s newbies found their footing and matured, and a handful of terrific and stylish new restaurants emerged on the scene. Granted, we had nothing approaching the year this guy had, but we did our share of dining out. We remain fans of newcomers like Locanda, Txoko, and AQ, and we had amazing meals at Manresa, Bar Bambino, and Frances too. But a group of particularly notable dinners come to mind when we look back on 2011, and since this is the week of year-end roundups, we humbly offer up ours.

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Our Year In Seven Stellar Meals