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Zooey Deschanel Drinks In Rock and Reilly’s; Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to IHOP

Rooty, tooty, fresh, and...
Rooty, tooty, fresh, and…

Seriously, if you had Justin Bieber’s money, wouldn’t it be Providence tasting menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with an occasional dip into your pool of Caspian black caviar? But alas, money doesn’t buy taste, and so it was that the ever-romantic, pint-sized pop star took his girlfriend to The International House of Pancakes this week, possibly forking over enough change for an extra side of bacon, just to apologize for the crazed paternity test-requiring-groupies in his life. In other celebrity-spotting news, Drake did what’s expected of him by hitting off celeb-magnet Katsuya and Ronnie from Jersey Shore followed similar suit, hanging out at reality-star headquarters STK. Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock kept it low-key at Il Covo and Doogie Howser, M.D. enjoyed a quiet lunch with his man at Marmalade Cafe. For more celebrity sightings, see below. Have a terrific time tripping out on tryptophan over the next few days and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

Rooty, tooty, fresh, and…

Calabasas Farmer’s Market: Kendra Wilkinson showed off an adorable little munchkin with a blonde afro. [People]

IHOP: Justin Bieber must be seeing how much Selena Gomez can endure, dressing in doofy yellow pants and restricting their diets to an IHOP budget. [People]

Il Covo: Sandra Bullock avoided unwanted attention over lunch. [People]

Katsuya: Drake came by for some sake and sushi last Thursday. [GS]

Marmalade Café: Neil Patrick Harris and hubby took their little guys to lunch. [Daily Mail UK]

Osaka: Zoe Saldana had dinner last Friday with her mom and a few other friends. [GS]

Rock & Reilly’s: Zooey Deschanel did that thing where she looks like your half-psycho, half-adorable sweetheart during an opening party last week. [PopSugar]

STK: Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro had dinner with the guys on Friday night, choosing the organic roasted chicken and not a steak. What kind of a meathead are you, Ronnie? [GS]

Zooey Deschanel Drinks In Rock and Reilly’s; Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to