What to Eat

What To Eat at The Anthem, Open Now

People open bars with artisanal cheeses on their burgers and fancy lettuce mixes and stuff like that. And people open bars with just burgers and wings and stuff. But we feel like there’s a middle ground, bar comfort food that’s well-thought-out but not deep-thinking, that’s gotten lost. A middle of the road, like a 70s radio station playing The Eagles and Brewer & Shipley. The Anthem, a new bar on Division, has a big flag over its bar and, Chicago Magazine assures us, a 70s theme. Is it the 70s, or is it just home? We’ll dig into Wednesday’s meat loaf special with garlic mashed potatoes, or maybe the Juicy Lucy (the Minnesota burger with Velveeta in the middle), and 10-4 you on that one later, buddy. Here’s what to eat at The Anthem, which opened last night.


Waffle Fries $5
Drumettes 6/$9, 12/$16, 20/$20
Cheese Doodles $5
Fondue $9
PBLT [Pork Belly] Sliders $4 each
White Chili $6
Hamburger Mac N Cheese $11
Chicken Fingers $9
Fish Sticks $11

Salad Bar starting at $8:
your choice of lettuces, veggies, cheeses, proteins ($2 each), toppings and dressings

Sandwich Things
served with choice of waffle fries or mixed greens

Burger $10
Veggie Burger $12
Juicy Lucy $10
Philly $12
Chicken $10
Turkey Cub $10
Grilled Cheese $8
Farmer’s Market Wrap $8

Sweet Things

Twinkie $5
Simple Sundae $5

Hungry Man (Dinner & Dessert: $16)

Monday: BBQ Braised Short Ribs, Baked White Beans, Corn Bread
Tuesday: Herb Roasted Turkey Leg, Potato Gratin, Sauteed Vegetables
Wednesday: Meat Loaf Wellington w/Mushroom Demi, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Vegetables
Thursday: Boneless Fried Chicken Thighs, Butter Biscuit, Potato Mash w/Creamed Corn

The Anthem, 1725 W. Division, 773-763-4804.

What To Eat at The Anthem, Open Now