Twitter on the Chicago Michelin Announcements

Who needs Letterman or Jon Stewart when you’ve got Twitter to provide running commentary on the events of the previous day? The Twitter response to the underexciting Michelin announcement yesterday was fast, catty and funny. Here are some of our favorites from critics, restaurateurs and food buffs.

From John DesRosiers, chef of Inovasi in Lake Bluff:

@MichelinGuideCH i misunderstood. I now see the tires aren’t good enough to go more than 25 miles. How silly of me.


With ouster of Crofton and addition of Courtright’s, there has been no net change in the number of suburban restaurants on Michelin’s list.

Michael Nagrant on Next:

Next is like the Velvet Underground of Chicago restaurants. For years people will be opening spots inspired by its example.

Also, congrats to Next restaurant for being so far ahead of the curve that Michelin doesn’t know what to do with itself.

Kelly Charles (Deedahdoh) on Michael Nagrant:

Kelly Charles (Deedahdoh) on Michael Nagrant:

Kelly Charles (Deedahdoh) on Michael Nagrant:

I think @MichaelNagrant is @Gachatz’s dad.

Carly Fisher of The Feast:

Tell me, how is it that Michelin gets into Schwa enough times to determine consistency over Next? Just curious.

Nick Kokonas, co-owner of Next:

@MichelinGuideCH let me introduce you to our FB page: on.fb.me/epMySZ . Same night tix every night. :-).

Phil Vettel, Tribune reviewer who gave Michelin-starred Courtright’s four stars, and urged stars for Arun’s and Gibson’s:

Geez, Michelin. You coulda been bold. You coulda distinguished yourself. Instead you played it safe, and boring: http://trib.in/u8ZHfD

Blue13 Chicago:

@MichelinGuideCH Hey guys. I was in the can. Did we miss a call from you?

Ulterior Epicure:

Yasuda gets *** from @NYTimes, @Pete_Wells named its new critic, & alinea’s now alone atop Chicago’s constellation. All’s right once again.

Ulterior Epicure:

Twitter on the Chicago Michelin Announcements