The James Weird Awards

The James Weird Awards: Tree Frog Salads and Sandwich Thieves

What do you do when the rival pizza chain across the street gets too obnoxious to bear? You burn it down. What about when you want Shake Shack to cater your wedding? You make a super-cute YouTube video to peer pressure them into it. And what do you do when you’re hungry for weird food news? You check out the James Weird Awards, straight ahead.

• “Organic” means “free of sprays and pesticides,” but not necessarily “free of animals,” as a woman in Pasadena discovered when she purchased a plastic container of organic salad from a Costco in Pasadena that contained a live tree frog. While she admitted that she is unlikely to purchase salad from Costco in the future, that didn’t deter her from keeping the frog as a pet. (She named him Dave!) [HuffPo]

• A 10-year-old boy in Georgia pulled a 9mm gun on a woman who joked that she would take his haul of trick-or-treat candy on Halloween. The police report didn’t mention whether the unloaded (but very real) gun was part of the boy’s costume. [Augusta Chronicle via CNN]

• When volunteers at a food drive in San Francisco tried to reprimand a woman who cut in line, the woman lashed out, cutting one volunteer with a razor blade. [KTVU]

• A pregnant mom and her husband were arrested in Honolulu after they forgot to pay for two sandwiches they ate while grocery shopping at a Safeway. The couple apologized and tried to pay for the food, but were instead detained overnight by police, their 2-year-old daughter whisked away by Child Welfare Services. The family was eventually released and reunited, but a court date to address their fourth-degree theft charges is set for later this month. All this for two sandwiches totaling $5. [HuffPo]

• If you left your local deli with a bag full of cash instead of the cold cuts you ordered, would you turn it in? A 79-year-old German woman called the police when she discovered the package from her butcher shop contained the day’s take of over 2,000 euros (roughly $2,835). She received a 100-euro reward and a basket of sausages as thanks. [Reuters]

The James Weird Awards: Tree Frog Salads and Sandwich Thieves