Starbucks Buys Evolution Fresh; Thanksgiving Costs Skyrocket

• Starbucks has purchased Evolution Fresh juice company as a further step in its plans to dominate your beverage life. It will add the juices to its coffee outlets and roll out juice-only stores soon. [USAT]

• The cost of a Thanksgiving meal is up this year, mainly because of pernicious turkey inflation. [Business Week]

• The owner of Whittier’s Mariscos Puerto Escondido was sentenced for selling unpasteurized cheese, a common staple of certain regional Mexican diets. [SF Gate]

• And now, a look into the growing stable at Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ, under brewer Julian Shrago. [LAT]

• The Reseda strip mall that houses the creatively named Mexican & Salvadorean Restaurant has been damaged in a fire. [LAT]

• Louis Perry, a British film producer, provided meals and rides for Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team, allowing him access to the doctor for a new movie. [LAT]

• Rob Kardashian says he eats Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and other fast food five days a week. [Access Hollywood]

• While Starbucks makes juice-bar plans, Jamba Juice is testing a more streamlined store concept called JambaGo. So look for that in places like elementary schools (wait, what?). [NRN]

• Dog-eating is down in Asia, thanks to rising incomes and increased pet ownership, but there’s still a strong black market for food canines. Sad face. [WSJ]

• There’s a diet that lets you eat cheese, bread, foie gras, and chocolate, so long as you time it properly, to agree with body rhythms. And it’s actually not the French behind this one, but rather the Swiss. [T Magazine/NYT]

• Bagels are in crises because “bagel makers who could compete in turn-of-the-century Bialystok, Poland, are no longer around to instruct the younger generation.” However, there are still a few decent places in New York to get your boiled-dough nosh on. [NYP]

Starbucks Buys Evolution Fresh; Thanksgiving Costs Skyrocket