Korean Tacos Hit Seoul; Should There Be a Ban on Bullfrogs?

• As school-lunch reformers are pushing to get rid of chocolate milk, many athletes are finding it’s a great sports recovery drink. Also, some evidence suggests cocoa might actually help the body fend off fat. It’s such a complex issue! [NPR]

• Nearly three years after L.A. met Kogi, Seoul is finally getting its hands on some Korean tacos of its own. [WSJ]

• Now that shark fin has been banned, the next controversy between the Chinese-American community and watchdogs could be bullfrogs, sold for meat, but feared for their ability to spread amphibian-annihilating batrachochytrium dendrobatidis bacteria. [LAT]

• Nobu is opening up in Perth, Australia, and bringing Robert De Niro with him for the opening. [Perth Now]

• On a similar note, food pantries are getting choosier about which products they want donated. Forget ramen noodles, which have too-high levels of sodium, and think staples like beans, rice, and canned veggies. [AP]

• Some homeless shelters are serving Thanksgiving diners organic or local meals. Hey, all the food’s donated anyway — might as well get the nice stuff. [USAT]

Korean Tacos Hit Seoul; Should There Be a Ban on Bullfrogs?