Playa Looks Into John Sedlar’s Past with Retrospective Menu

Esquire's Chef of the Year, John Sedlar
Esquire’s Chef of the Year, John Sedlar

John Sedlar is taking another trip down memory lane, with a five-course a la carte tapas menu at Playa that dips into every stage of his restaurant cooking career, from his start as a teenager in Santa Fe’s The Bull Ring to his rise at The Silo and L’Ermitage to his groundbreaking Saint Estephe and finally, a dessert from his Bikini/Abiquiu.

Esquire’s Chef of the Year, John Sedlar

The chef is revisiting these dishes as a way to honor his recent Esquire nod for “Chef of the Year.” A quick exploration of the high levels of insight, cultural curatorship, and Southwestern innovation and play Sedlar is famous for, the menu includes a hatch chile “Christmas style” vichyssoise, shrimp scampi tacos, and a chicken leg ballotine with pistachio, cranberry, and pork forcemeat a la L’Ermitage chef and co-owner Jean Bertranou, from whom Sedlar learned to tame French cuisine before mixing it up with Latin and Southwest U.S. ingredients.

Running from November 18th through December 30th, see Sedlar’s full Esquire menu below and make reservations at Playa at 323-933-5300.


Hatch Green Chile Warm Vichyssoise “Christmas-­‐Style
The Bull Ring, Santa Fe, New Mexico (1972-­1973)

Shrimp Scampi Taquitos with Toasted Piñones
(4 per order)
The Silo, Manhattan Beach, California (1974-­1980)

Warm Salad
Jean Bertranou’s Chicken Leg Ballotine with Pistachio-­‐Cranberry-­‐Pork Forcemeat on Baby Spinach Salad with Walnut Oil-­‐Clementine Vinaigrette
L’Ermitage (1980-­1981)

Free-­‐Range Veal Chop with Red Chile Veal Jus and Pumpkin Chutney, Sopaipilla, and Clover Honey
Saint Estephe (1982-­1991)

Fifth Course
Pumpkin Crème Brulée with Toasted Pecans
Bikini/Abiquiu (1991-­1994)

Playa Looks Into John Sedlar’s Past with Retrospective Menu