Walter Cronkite's Wood

Yep, Joe Tecce’s Ristorante and Walter Cronkite Have Something in Common

Oh, Joe Tecce’s, we never thought it could end this way, with a giddy auctioneer hocking chunks of your interior to the highest bidder! As we mentioned a while back, the North End mainstay has filed for bankruptcy, blaming its greasy red sauce the Big Dig for its financial difficulties. Yet perhaps some good might come of the closure after all. For one thing, we had absolutely no idea that Joe Tecce’s bar was culled from the wood of Walter Cronkite’s sire.

Actually, no. Let’s start over. According to the Herald, it was ‘built with wood from Walter Cronkite’s father’s home or something like that,’ said Crown Auctions managing partner Klia Crisafull.” One lucky browser snagged the wood for a mere $167.

And, if you have fond memories of Tecce’s bar, don’t despair: It might resurface someplace else in the not-so-distant future. The winning bidder is Jerry Giordano, whose plans to open a cigar bar are one step closer to fruition now that he owns a piece of Tecce’s.

Meanwhile, we’re not quite sure who bought the $100 bathing goddess statues, though we pray that they found a suitable home. Perhaps the only people who left the auction dissatisfied were those who showed up solely to mourn Tecce’s departure. The Herald quotes one devastated diner as saying that part of her life is now “gone.” We’re guessing it’s the part that involved popping tons of Rolaids?

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Yep, Joe Tecce’s Ristorante and Walter Cronkite Have Something in Common