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Garces Gets His Smoked Paprika Spanish Almonds In Éclat’s Single-Source Chocolate

Jose Garces and Eclat Chocolate's Christopher Curtin
Jose Garces and Eclat Chocolate’s Christopher Curtin

First it was coffee, now it looks like chocolate will be the latest addition to Jose Garces’ expanding line of Garces Trading Co. branded goods. Next week the Iron Chef will introduce a line of signature chocolate bars that he developed in collaboration with Christopher Curtin, the master chocolatier behind West Chester’s Éclat Chocolate. The series of chocolate bars, which don’t come cheap at $8 a piece, feature flavor profiles that Garces came up tempered with Éclat’s artisan chocolate. They include a Marcona Almond with Pimentón de la Vera, roasted Spanish almonds and smoked paprika (Garces’ favorite spice) enrobed in single-source dark chocolate; Porcini and Thyme, white chocolate infused with earthy porcini powder and fresh organic thyme; Mole Amarillo, milk chocolate with a blend of peppers and roasted sesame seeds; and Cafe con Leche, milk chocolate blended with GTC’s signature Reserva coffee. You can find them at both GTC and the coffee kiosk outside JG Domestic in the Cira Center.

Jose Garces and Eclat Chocolate’s Christopher Curtin

With the debut of the GTC chocolate bars, Garces and Curtin will host a chocolate-inspired dinner at JG Domestic on Novemebr 9. The $55, five-course prix fixe meal features chocolate in each course. Dishes include celery root soup, porcini mushrooms, fresh thyme, black truffle, porcini and thyme white chocolate; Moulard duck breast, seckel pear, Luna Farms jalapeño, mole amarillo 35 percent milk chocolate; Carolina Style suckling pig, crackling biscuit, pickled cayenne pepper, Marcona almond with Pimentón de la Vera 70 percent dark chocolate; piquillo orange sorbet; and for dessert, pumpkin torte, coffee caramel, candied pumpkin, café con Leche Ice Cream, café con Leche 35 percent milk chocolate.

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Garces Gets His Smoked Paprika Spanish Almonds In Éclat’s Single-Source