Main Street Santa Monica Finally Safe From Late-Night Food Truck Dangers

Danger danger!
Danger danger! Photo: RicardoDiaz11 via Flickr

Food trucks are getting the boot from Main Street Santa Monica during the exact hours that everyone most craves their food: when the bars close! In an effort to sweep the streets clean of lingering partiers and scallywags (so poor bouncers can finally go home to deal with the night’s trauma), The City Council voted on Tuesday to ban truckers from the from the area between Ocean Park and Marine St. during the early weekend hours (1:00-3:00 A.M.).

Apparently, the hammered hordes rallying around the food trucks and jaywalking (taken very seriously in Santa Monica) once the bars let out has become too deep for SMPD to handle, necessitating about $67,000 in overtime to keep the seaside safe from so-much blotto behavior. Police captain Carol Larson is quoted as calling the food truck fleet “an attractive place to congregate” that is creating “a party atmosphere.” Heaven forbid! In other words, you’re having too much fun, kiddies, which should be illegal.

Still, there is hope for the fucked-up and famished. If the security situation gets under control, council member Terry O’Day will be leading the charge to permit food trucks back into the street, albeit with a possible new approach to how they are spaced out to clear the sidewalks of puking punks, solo stragglers, and new friends bumping uglies.

We think a better solution is to stop forcing our bars to shutter until 3:00 or 4:00 A.M., ensuring the masses don’t all get flushed out to the street at once, half-drunk and dying for something to do at 1:30 A.M. Is that too practical or something?

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Main Street Santa Monica Finally Safe From Late-Night Food Truck Dangers