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Sixth Street Is for Tourists: Dottie’s True Blue Café Moving to Passion Café Spot

Passion Café
Passion Café Photo: Manabu M./Yelp

Promising news for the Sixth Street environs as the ever-popular and guidebook-approved Dottie’s True Blue Café has found a new home in what’s currently the Passion Café. As we heard earlier this year, Passion Café owner Steve Barton had gotten fed up with the general crackiness of Sixth and Stevenson, and had put the space up for lease. We also heard, up the hill in the heart of the ‘Loin, that Dottie’s was having problems with their landlord and was looking to move. Now Ms. Tablehopper brings word of the deal to relocate Dottie’s, which is likely to bring a fair bit of new foot traffic to Sixth Street, to a block that may be even a touch more unruly than the one on Jones where Dottie’s has lived for decades.

Dottie’s may be closing at 522 Jones as early as the first week of December, but that is still up in the air. And as Tablehopper points out, the huge new location “is going to call for some serious scaling up in the kitchen and staff.” But this is all good news for pancake fans, and great news for everyone who’s already fallen in love with Passion Café’s semi-secret upstairs patio — it just may not get so much happy hour use if Dottie’s maintains their daytime-only, breakfast-focused hours.

But in any event, for a business that’s rated the #6 thing to do in San Francisco of 983 things to do in the Lonely Planet guide, this spells pretty swell news for the ongoing spiff-ifcation of Sixth Street, and perhaps they can share a bouncer with the new Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers a few doors up.

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Sixth Street Is for Tourists: Dottie’s True Blue Café Moving to