We Have A Winner for Two Tickets to Tonight’s Patina After-Party

We can't deny the fact that they like you!
We can’t deny the fact that they like you! Photo: FiskFisk via Flickr

Tonight Patina is chasing its 22nd-anniversary alumni chef dinner with its “Pigs, Pinot, and Oysters” after-party at 10:00 P.M. at Kendall’s Brasserie. Nice dudes and dude-ettes that we are, we’re giving away two tickets to one witty reader today. We asked you to tell us which of the three included ingredients reigned supreme, pigs, pinot, or oysters, and received a landslide of funny and clever responses from your side of the inbox. We had our money on pork, and apparently so did everyone else, with each and every response declaring the other white meat as the most “kick-ass” in a series of funny statements and poems. But alas, we can only pick one winner and one winner our editors picked. Who is it going to be?

After a three-way tie between a sophisticated ode to piggies everywhere and another classic that turned the lyrics from O.P.P. to stand for “Oysters, Pinot, and Pig,” we finally found ourselves a winner. The two tickets go to reader Sara Wilson, who penned the following limerick to the porcine kind:

A Limerick for Our Porcine Friends
Oh, how I love a fattened-up pig.
Because of my devotion, I’ve been called a porcine prig.
I braise up its belly,
With its trotters, make pork jelly,
Then shake around my tummy doin’ a Big Pig Jig!!

Congratulations Sara!! We’ll see you at Patina’s after-party tonight, along with one of your friends. And thanks to everybody for entering, these truly were the best entries we’ve received for a contest in a looooong while! Even if you didn’t win the tickets, here’s hoping we can hire you someday for our humor department.

We Have A Winner for Two Tickets to Tonight’s Patina After-Party