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Chicago’s Hottest Venue: The Butcher & Larder?

Owen, live with dead meat.
Owen, live with dead meat. Photo: courtesy Owen

Just a few weeks ago we were shooting video in the walk-in at The Butcher & Larder; little did we suspect that soon, all the kids would be doing it. But in fact two new videos popped up this week shot at everyone’s favorite sustainable butcher shop. One, by a commercial filmmaker named Sergio Salgado, offers an artily-shot, very handsome 7-minute introduction to butcher Rob Levitt and why he does the kind of thing he does. That, at least, is the kind of thing you expect to be shot at The Butcher & Larder, and well worth seeing not only for the slickness of its making but for the message Rob offers in it. Salgado explains his purpose in making the film, the first in a series:

P&S; (Practice & Space) is a web series that investigates people’s commitments to their craft and is filmed on location in their unique spaces. There is a growing movement of people that dedicate themselves to more sustainable, more difficult and more expensive practices in order to produce a higher quality result. This series examines these stories.

The thing you might not expect is the second one— a live acoustic performance, shot inside the walk-in, by a performer named Owen who apparently does all his videos in interesting business locations around town. Watch them both below.

P&S; Ep. 1:


Chicago’s Hottest Venue: The Butcher & Larder?