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Check Out the Drinks and Interior at Plum Bar, From Daniel Patterson
It’s pretty there.

Plum Bar, next door to Plum in Oakland (2214 Broadway) finally opens Friday after some lengthy delays, and everyone in the cocktail community are rubbing their hands with glee. The marriage of Patterson’s warm but clean aesthetic, Beattie’s intricately seasonal drinks, and chef Ron Boyd’s playful food is a holy plural one as far as we’re concerned, and we’re looking forward to going back to eat and drink for real. See the full cocktail menu below, and check out our slideshow of the interior and a couple of Beattie’s pretty creations.

Also, remember that Patterson is taking inspiration from a project he’s working on with Plum Bar designer Scott Kester in New York (Elevens) in which they’re offering an investment opportunity for regular customers who want to become “seatholders.” $500 gets you 20% off your drinks for life, as well as priority reservations at Plum and table reservations at Plum Bar. (See more info and sign up here.) This could definitely come in handy if and when this place becomes super popular, which it likely will!

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Plum Bar - 2214 Broadway, Oakland - Opening on November 11, seven days a week, at 5:30 p.m.

A backlit installation of overlapping paper above the back-bar.
One of Beattie’s new creations — and his favorite on the new menu — which is a Collins made with St. George Terroir gin, and botanicals from the California coast like bay laurel, huckleberries, and fennel.
Deep-fried pig tendon snacks – lighter than air, and definitely lighter than chicharones.
Check Out the Drinks and Interior at Plum Bar, From Daniel Patterson