Castagna to Open This Week in the Marina, Serving French and Italian Fare

Castagna, in the rain.
Castagna, in the rain. Photo: via Facebook

Castagna (2015 Chestnut Street at Fillmore) is billing itself as a bistro serving American, French, and Italian favorites, and the concept comes from a pair of brothers, Stephane and Jerome Meloni, who previously owned and operated Restaurant Cassis in Pac Heights. As Urban Daddy reports, and as they say on their Facebook, they’re aiming to be open later this week, assuming inspections etc. go smoothly. And they plan to do breakfast and lunch to start, beginning with beignets and Belgian waffles at 8 a.m., and doing a quick-service menu of burgers, pizza, and mussels throughout the day, with dinner service to follow next month.

Entering the narrow space with its high-gloss wood tabletops is likened to “coming aboard a 40-foot yacht that was docked on the Marina’s main drag” by Urban Daddy, but Marina folk will recall that this was most recently home to that weird Egyptian pizza place, Crave City.

Will the ‘hood go for this marriage of France and Italy? Time will tell. See the daytime menus below, and expect more bistro-ish fare and pasta on the dinner menu, when they start serving it.

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Castagna - 2015 Chestnut Street at Fillmore - 415.440.4290 - Opening on or around November 18. Open for breakfast on weekdays, 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and lunch from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A Breezy Côte d’Azur Bistro in the Marina [Urban Daddy]

Castagna to Open This Week in the Marina, Serving French and Italian