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Caffeinated Beer Emporium Looks to Take Lilah Belle’s Spot Near Dolores Park

The newly vacant Lilah Belle's.
The newly vacant Lilah Belle’s. Photo: Kevin Y./Yelp

We knew the prime corner wouldn’t stay unclaimed more than a minute, and today we hear Cervecería de MateVeza is aiming to take over the recently vacated Lilah Belle’s space at 18th and Church, right across the Muni tracks from Dolores Park. As the Scoop spotted, the yerba-mate-infused beer maker (that means the beer’s caffeinated, y’all) just made the announcement yesterday of their plans for “a restaurant and small brewery dedicated to providing locally-sourced, Argentinian-style cuisine paired with creative artisanal beers.” (We tasted their beer this last Beer Week, and it was pretty good!) But of course this space (3801 18th Street) has neither a liquor license nor a permit to be a restaurant, so those hurdles have yet to be jumped with the ABC and the City, respectively.

They’ll be serving their signature brews, of course — Yerba Mate IPA, Black Lager, and Morpho Herbal Ale — as well as “guest taps” for other local brewers. And in the best news (and perhaps the most controversial from those ever vocal Dolo Park NIMBY types), they’re talking about offering growlers and bottles to go.

If all goes well and smoothly, they’d like to be open by spring, but given how these things tend to go, that sounds optimistic. Stay tuned.

Cerveceria de MateVeza headed to the edge of Dolores Park, pending approval [Scoop]
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Caffeinated Beer Emporium Looks to Take Lilah Belle’s Spot Near Dolores