Burger King’s Fry Makeover; Fish Barcodes Headed to Menus

• Now that the FDA has approved the practice of issuing DNA barcodes for seafood, “restaurants are planning to start using it to prove the provenance of their pricey fish.” [Popular Science]

• Burger King is changing its French fry recipe. The new fries are thicker, less salty, and have “a coating that makes them crisper and keeps them hotter longer.” Mmmm … coating. [MSNBC]

• Forget five-dollar footlongs: Subway will soon offer six-inch subs for a measly two bucks. [USAT]

• The 2011 British Curry Awards went off without a hitch this week. In attendance: “More than 1,500 restaurateurs, VIP guests and celebrities.” Not to mention a video message from Prime Minister David Cameron. [This Is Local London]

• A whole lotta chefs are forgoing fussy restaurant recipes and releasing books about cooking at home. [NYT]

• Gives new meaning to “fire table eight”: A chef in Lake Conroe, Texas, is suspected of gun smuggling after officials found him “in possession of two loaded semi-automatic pistols along with 1,700 rounds of ammunition,” not to mention gun boxes “hidden in trash cans and food pots.” [Your Houston News]

Burger King’s Fry Makeover; Fish Barcodes Headed to Menus