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Brian Malarkey Plans Gingham and Gabardine

Malarkey, sans signature chapeau
Malarkey, sans signature chapeau Photo: Brian Malarkey

Yup, San Diego’s favorite Top Chef hasn’t run of out fabrics to name restaurants in honor of just yet. In addition to La Jolla’s Herringbone, which will join his Burlap and Searsucker when it opens in 2012 with former Water Grill toque Amanda Baumgarten in the kitchen, Brian Malarkey tells Sign on San Diego that he’s working on two new restaurant projects, Gingham for cowboy diner eats in La Mesa and Gabardine for seafood in Point Loma.

On the verge of opening a third, fourth, and fifth San Diego restaurant in the span of three years, the locally celebrated chef defends his rapid expansion in saying, “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t have the talent.” Wow, did Malarkey just switch souls with Stefan Richter? In any case, Malarkey’s restaurants are frequently cited as some of the most exciting the city has to offer. We’re just concerned that by the time he gets up to L.A., the only swatches left for us will make way for restaurants named Velcro and Pleather.

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Brian Malarkey Plans Gingham and Gabardine