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Breabar on Third Street ‘Temporarily’ Closed; Villetta Chef Shuffles

Villetta Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Santa Monica: After only a few months, Villetta’s opening chef Pippa Calland has been replaced with Dylan Hallas, whose worked in the kitchens of Osteria Mozza, The Bazaar, Tasting Kitchen, and the Ojai Valley Inn. He’ll keep the seasonal, Italian slant to the menu. Wonder what this means for that rumored pizzeria on Montana? [GS]

Echo Park: Marta Teegen, who opened her neighborhood gree grocer, Cookbook, last year, has the desire to open a restaurant a few blocks away. She appeared at a community planning board this week, which (surprisingly) approved of her beer and wine license, but had concerns for parking. Isn’t it usually the other way around? [The Eastsider LA]

West Hollywood: Eater reports Breadbar has closed its Third Street location “for renovations.” Let the speculations over whether it’s really closed for renovations begin. The Century City location remains open. [Eater]

West Hollywood: After 91 years, Barney’s Beanery is finally adding something green changing its menu. Among the other 700 dishes you could order, you can now get arugula on a white pizza. [Nation’s Restaurant News via Eater]

Beachwood Canyon: Sad news for the canyonites who don’t feel like driving down to Franklin for breakfast: After 37 years, the owners of the Village Coffee Shop have finally thrown in the proverbial dish towels. If you want in on any of the memorabilia, call 323-467-5398. Squid Ink]

Studio City: Every time a mediocre chain restaurant closes, an angel gets it wings. Isn’t that how it goes? The Valley location of of Louise’s Trattoria has shuttered. [


Breabar on Third Street ‘Temporarily’ Closed; Villetta Chef Shuffles