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Beacon Hill Bistro Is Just French Enough; Temazcal Isn’t Authentic, But That’s OK

• Devra First writes that the Beacon Hill Bistro, now sans Jason Bond, is “just French enough” under the direction of chef Richmond Edes, formerly at Menton and Salts. Dinner is “a leisurely affair, pleasingly European,” even if the check takes a while to arrive and the scallops are topped with mysteriously placed “hunks” of red onion that go uneaten. [Globe]

Boston picks the city’s 50 best restaurants in this month’s issue. Curious to see who made the cut? You’ll have to buy a copy on the newsstand, ‘cuz they’re not revealing their picks online until next week. However: We do hear that Concord’s new 80 Thoreau made the cut. [Boston]

• In Waltham, Pho & Spice might look “dingy,” but “the clean aroma of freshly made soup will dispel any lingering doubts,” as will the friendly staffers. Especially tasty is duck in any permutation, most notably served with spicy basil pad Thai. [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau gets around to visiting Temazcal, a key player in the city’s Mexican-restaurant boomlet. And you know what? “It’s a lot of fun to eat here, even if the food isn’t authentic Mexican.” Guacamole langosta is “crucially fresh,” and mahi mahi comes in a “serious garlic sauce.” The waterfront location doesn’t hurt business, either. [Phoenix]

• Strip T’s in Watertown is a “perfect neighborhood restaurant serving delicious food at out-of-this-world value.” Does your neighborhood restaurant serve marinated tongue two ways, “supple” bluefish, or charred baby octopus with tomato wasabi? They don’t even need scantily clad waitresses to lure people in! [Phoenix]

• MC Slim JB thinks that Kendall Square’s Abigail’s is a “relaxed, handsome hangout with excellent drinks and modest but delicious food,” qualities that are especially welcome since B Side departed. He spotlights the BBQ pork shoulder sandwich, which radiates “real barbecue flavor” and comes complete with “tomato-and-molasses finishing sauce, some blue cheese, and a crown of “tobacco” onions (deep-fried in a peppery batter).” Yum! [Stuff]

• Luke O’Neil goes on a hunt for the city’s most mediocre bar, and gives the honor to Tavern in the Square. Here, everybody might not know your name, but everything tastes the…same! “I can’t help feeling like it’s an exact replica of a bar that exists in every town in America,” he laments. [Metro]

Beacon Hill Bistro Is Just French Enough; Temazcal Isn’t Authentic, But That’s