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Artisan House Opening Downtown in December with Molecular Cocktails and Albacore Confit

Artisan House
Artisan House

The word “artisan” may have rasped its last breath at Domino’s headquarters this fall, but one forthcoming Downtown restaurant hasn’t stopped believing. Artisan House is a new eatery taking space in Downtown’s Pacific Electric building, fixed on a menu of California cuisine in a combination restaurant, bar, deli, and market. The building will be retouched with reclaimed materials, arched windows, high ceilings, and the structure’s original brick walls in place, for a 90-seat restaurant spanning two dining rooms.

Partner Patrice Rozat, a former Mr. Chow and BreadBar manager, will serve as manager at this project from Downtown developer Alex Moradi, while Jason Ryczek of One Sunset and Boa will stick to a farmer’s market formula on a menu that includes cheese and charcuterie, rooftop-procured salads, and seasonal servings of fish, beef, and European-U.S. collaborations like escargots casino, truffle celeriac vichyssoise, albacore confit sandwiches, and duck prosciutto. Serving all three daily meals, Artisan House plans to live up to its name in a selection of handmade local products from a range of L.A. food-producers offered at its deli and market.

Drinks will be the provenance of Elden McFeron III, who has played mixologist for The Abbey, Samba, and The Bazaar in the past. It sounds like the latter has really rubbed off on him, as he’ll help to create a “molecular mixology” menu with drinks like a cyrofrozen margarita and a Blood and Sand made edible (a la Achatz) then topped with orange foam, orange zest, sweet vermouth reduction, and cherry brandy. More intriguing are blehtacular blends like the 4-Leaf Agave, made with tequila cacao, maple syrup, and Guinness, or a winter’s squash with gin, chardonnay, and sweetened pumpkin juice. Sounds kinda loco, no? Find out if it all comes together in early December when Artisan House plans to open.

Artisan House, 600 South Main Street, Downtown. 213-622-6333.

Artisan House Opening Downtown in December with Molecular Cocktails and Albacore