Your Facebook Profile Probably Telling the World That You Are a Drunk

Facebook? More like Faced-Book!
Facebook? More like Faced-Book! Photo: iStock

You know how you and all your BFFs have tagged photos plastered all over Facebook of you doing keg-stands and shot-gunning Four Lokos? Well, a group of researchers from University of Wisconsin in Madison are making a case for such public displays of intoxication as sure signs of problem drinking, CBS News reports. After months of trolling Facebook, checking out status updates and wading through countless images of University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Washington students partying down, they followed up with a questionnaire that medical professionals use to gauge the severity of problem drinking, and guess what they found?

The study, which was published yesterday in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, says students whose profiles contained photos of them getting totally faced, and had other references to drinking and intoxication, were four times as likely to have or develop drinking problems. What’s more, the study suggested that potential problem drinking could conceivably be nipped in the bud if spotted early enough by parents or educators.

Great, so just as everyone’s getting used to Facebook’s infuriating updates and changes, now comes word that parents and teachers are using it to accuse kids of being drunks.

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Your Facebook Profile Probably Telling the World That You Are a Drunk