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What to Eat and Drink at the Haven Preview at Plum on Tuesday

Plum Photo: Brian Smeets/Grub Street

As we mentioned earlier, chef Kim Alter is previewing what she’ll be doing at Haven, for the public, in the kitchen at Plum on upcoming Tuesdays through the month of November. The menu’s going to keep changing, and as these dishes offer a clue as to what her direction will be when Haven ultimately opens in Jack London Square (they’re still saying December, we shall see), we thought we’d share next week’s menu as well. Alter has also shared that the cocktail program at Haven may have a gin focus, and next week’s dinner will experiment with pairings with your choice of a basil gimlet or a Negroni. Also, Plum Bar should be opening any day now…

Haven Preview Dinner, October 25

$60 per person, not including beverages

jar of pickles..whole grain mustard…trotters….toast

romaine a la plancha
ravigote-bacon vin…radish

local squid
white beans…smoked garlic…flatbread…pickled green tomato

1/2 roasted chicken
squash…farro..salsify..brown butter

mandarin vacherin

Plum - 2214 Broadway, Oakland - 510.444.7586

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What to Eat and Drink at the Haven Preview at Plum on Tuesday