What to Eat at Kare-Ken Japanese Curry House, Opening Thursday in the ‘Loin

The fried pork katsu curry.
The fried pork katsu curry. Photo: Tender

New to the corner of Jones and Geary (552 Jones Street to be exact) is Kare-Ken Japanese Curry House, which just had a soft-opening, via their takeout window, over the weekend. The Tender says “yum, yum” to their katsu curry (see menu below), and we have to say that even for the Tenderloin their curry box dinner deals are good ones. But what is Japanese curry, you ask? Excellent question.

It’s actually one of the most popular things to eat in Japan, imported via the British Navy in the late 1800s, and it’s a thicker and sweeter style of curry than either Thai or Indian. Curry rice (pictured here with the katsu) is also commonly referred to in Japan just as “curry.” Curry grew in popularity via Japanese supermarkets in the 1960s, and is now a borrowed staple of their cuisine, like pizza is to ours.

Kare-Ken is scrambling to finish construction on their dining room this week, and the owners say they’ll reopen Thursday, if not with seating then at least with the takeout window again.

Check out the full opening menu below, and please note a couple of off-menu, late-night items already in the works for next week, according to Thrillist: “There’s a late-night, after-10pm menu launching next week with [a] sloppy dry beef curry dog, plus a curry sandwich topped with pork that’s been fried.”

Kare-Ken Menu

Rice $1.00 - Pickled Cabbage $1.00 - Sauce $2.00 - Meat $4.00

All curry dishes served with pickled cabbage and raisins.


Katsu Curry - $8.50
served with pork cutlet

Chicken-Katsu Curry - $8.50
served with chicken cutlet

Dry Beef Curry - $8.00
curried beef ragu, onion, carrot, celery, onion ring with hard-boiled egg

Shrimp Curry - $9.50
served with boiled shrimp

Vegetable Curry - $8.00
served with crisp vegetables

Meatball Curry - $8.00
served with meatballs

Kare-Ken Plain Curry - $6.00
curry sauce served with rice

Kare-Ken Japanese Curry House
- 552 Jones Street - 415.292.5273 - @karekenSF - Opening Thursday, October 20, at 5:30 p.m. for dinner

Kare-Ken Japanese Curry Opens Tonight
Kare-Ken [Thrillist]

What to Eat at Kare-Ken Japanese Curry House, Opening Thursday in the