What Suzanne Goin is Bringing to The Larder, Opening Late-October on Maple Drive

Treats from The Larder at Tavern
Treats from The Larder at Tavern Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Rose bacon, beef brisket hash, bacon-topped pecan sticky buns, and priest’s pancakes. That’s what it sounds like when Suzanne Goin’s crew is making breakfast. Last week, we found out that Goin and partner Caroline Styne are opening The Larder, a take-out-centered retail realm of house-baked pastries and market-propelled hot and cold sandwiches and ficelles, all influenced by The Larder at Tavern and intended to serve the surrounding business community from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. The Larder, situated in the courtyard of 245 Maple Drive. The Larder’s website is still a hot mess and the depot doesn’t debut until the end of the month, but we have the duo’s sample breakfast and lunch menus below for your perusal. Come take a peek!

The Larder
245 N. Maple Drive, Beverly Hills

Breakfast Menu
(served from 8:00 am - 10:30 am)

(subject to availability)

Croissant 3.50

Almond croissant 4.25

Pain au chocolat 4

Walnut bundle 4.25

Blueberry muffin 4

Bran muffin 3

Pecan sticky bun 4.25
Suzanne-style (with bacon) 6.25


Scottish oatmeal
with dried fruit compote and steamed milk 8

House-made granola with milk or straus yogurt 8
add berries +3

Priests pancakes
with Vermont maple syrup 10
add bacon +3

Baked French toast
with roasted apples, walnuts and date syrup 13
add bacon+3


Soft-scrambled eggs
with fontina and crème fraîche 12
with broccoli and sharp cheddar12
with smoked salmon, capers and chives 14

Chorizo and eggs with sweet pepper sofrito, manchego and fried potatoes 14

Buttermilk biscuits
with iowa ham, poached eggs and paprika hollandaise 14

Beef brisket hash
with horseradish cream and pickled onions 15

Two eggs any style
with fried potatoes or tomato and toast 10
add bacon +3


Farmers’ market fruit 6
Fried potatoes 4
Vande rose bacon or ham 4.50
Pork sausage patties 4.50

Lunch Menu
(served from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm)

cup $5.00
bowl $8.00

arugula, radicchio, grapes, pears, walnuts, saba, young pecorino $12
butter lettuces, buttermilk dressing, avocado, orange, cucumber $11
chopped chicken, apple, bacon, whole grain mustard, point reyes blue $14
chopped vegan “cobb”—avocado, beets, squash, tomato, chickpeas $13
spanish tuna, shellbeans, fingerlings, marinated tomato, tapenade, egg $16

1 side $5, 2 sides $9.50, 3 sides $14
1 protein $9
1 protein plus 1 side $13
1 protein plus 2 sides $16

harissa grilled chicken

slow-roasted salmon

grilled hangar steak

roasted carrots and parsnips with dandelion and olives

farro and black rice with cavolo nero, pinenuts and currants

kabocha squash with peperonata and pepitas

young broccoli with grilled onion and pecorino

fregola with chickpeas, dates, dried apricots and almonds


soppressata, asiago, pepperoncini

delice d’affinois, apple, watercress

turkey, swiss, house-made relish

burrata, broccoli, currants, pinenuts

iowa ham, oregon butter, radish, watercress


the pilgrim—turkey, stuffing, cranberry, lettuce $14

the angeleno—artichoke, burrata, cavolo nero, lemon $13

the rory—chicken breast, pesto, avocado, arugula $13

the steakhouse—roast beef, tomato, horseradish cream, bibb lettuce $14

the ode to greenblatts—pastrami, turkey, local jack, coleslaw $15

the laurel canyon—avocado, market peppers, feta yogurt, sprouts $13

the ploughman’s lunch—cheddar, iowa ham, apples, british pickle $14

the maple drive—original recipe meatloaf, ketchup, mayo, lettuce $14


the new yorker—brisket, horseradish, picked onion on sourdough $15

the reuben—pastrami, gruyère, russian dressing, red cabbage on rye $15

spanish grilled cheese—lomo, mahon, romesco, quince paste $14

autumn grilled cheese—young asiago, persimmon, salted pecans $13


Choose your bread: $2.00
larder sourdough, caraway rye, whole wheat, ciabatta, baguette

Choose your protein: $4.00
roasted turkey, iowa ham, prosciutto, tuna salad, bacon, sopressata

Choose your cheese: $3.00
seal bay triple cream, burrata, Vermont cheddar

Choose your veg: $1.00
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radishes,

Choose your spread: $.50
aioli, whole grain mustard, extra virgin olive oil, Oregon butter

What Suzanne Goin is Bringing to The Larder, Opening Late-October on Maple Drive