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Watch Gordon Ramsay Try to Save Fremont’s Spin-a-Yarn Steakhouse

Ramsay outside Spin-a-Yarn Monday evening.
Ramsay outside Spin-a-Yarn Monday evening. Photo: KTVU

Can a 60-year-old East Bay steakhouse, deeply in debt and looking pretty sad inside, find salvation in a brusque British chef/TV personality? We won’t know until January when the episode of Kitchen Nightmares featuring Fremont’s Spin-a-Yarn Steakhouse airs (or before then if the restaurant doesn’t make it to the holidays) but KTVU was on the scene Monday night talking to patrons, shooting some video of the revamped food, and getting a bit of Gordon Ramsay mouthing off about what a mess the place was before he and his crew came in to save them. “The food was all over the place!” he says. “From a pastrami sandwich to a Greek mezze plate to an Italian pasta menu. It’s a steakhouse [for f%@k’s sake].”

Furthermore KTVU reports that Spin-a-Yarn is $750,000 in debt, and we’re not sure that a touch of clarity on their menu is going to solve that — earlier surveys have shown that less than half the restaurants featured on the show tend to survive. But we’ll try to be optimistic here! Best of luck, Spin-a-Yarn! (Even though the sad plates of salmon and New York strip we see landing on tables at the link below, post-makeover, don’t give us a ton of confidence.)

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Try to Save Fremont’s Spin-a-Yarn Steakhouse