Voltage Coffee Wants to Find Boston’s Sinatra-Style Theme Song and Record it With a Sinatra Impersonator

Sadly, he never recorded
Sadly, he never recorded “Sweet Caroline.” Photo: Fotos International / Getty Images

Attention, crooners! Ever wished our fair city had its own iconic theme song, kind of like New York City’s New York, New York? Something swankier than, say, Dirty Water? The entrepreneurial folks at Kendall’s Voltage Coffee plan to roll out the Frank Sinatra Challenge to find our very own schmaltzy anthem.

Per their website: “Many of the hip cities that I’m talking about have a clear advantage over Boston, and that is this: they have a long-standing foundation of awesomeness built long ago by the likes of one man: Frank Sinatra. … Frank Sinatra and his buddies made a lot of songs famous, including several selections that seem to endorse these hipper cities as cooler than cool. The theme from “New York, New York”, “I Left my Heart in San Francisco”, “My Kind of Town (Chicago)” … think about it.”

Voltage has a point. And so they’re looking for something “super cool, maybe slightly wistful, that shows a completely un-ironic love of Boston. The best entry we receive will get recorded, hopefully with a Frank Sinatra impersonator and full orchestra if we can swing it.”

Any takers for this fantastic camp-fest? Perhaps a throaty ode to Fort Point? A torch song about the Greenway’s new restaurant scene? Something along the lines of Betty White and Bea Arthur’s swingin’ tribute to Miami? Visit Voltage’s site for your shot at fame.

The Frank Sinatra Challenge [Voltage]

Voltage Coffee Wants to Find Boston’s Sinatra-Style Theme Song and Record it