The Upper Crust Continues to Get Raked Over the Coals

Special delivery.
Special delivery. Photo: Marcel Moreau/Flickr

We haven’t heard much lately from the Upper Crust, though it seemed like several months ago we were posting regularly about their legal woes. (Quick refresher: They’re being investigated for harboring and exploiting illegal immigrant workers, and the owner has been accused of threatening to murder an employee.) Alas, they’re back in the news once more. And it’s not good.

The Globe reports that a federal grand jury is scheduled to hear testimony this week about their alleged exploitation of immigrant workers.

Their p.r. had been a bit tight-lipped until now, but the paper quotes p.r. honcho George Regan as saying that “The Upper Crust for some time has been dealing with the Department of Labor. It’s been an ongoing process. … Beyond that I have no further comment.”

Other potential signs of trouble: Their CFO, David Marcus, quit over the summer. Strangely, the pizza chain is still looking to expand, Regan tells the Globe, and is on the hunt for cash to do so. Somehow we don’t think that investors are going to clamor for a piece of the pie.

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The Upper Crust Continues to Get Raked Over the Coals